Taylor Shields


Date of birth: 31/12/1993

Place of birth: Glasgow

I received 5 Higher A grades from Knightswood Secondary School in 2010 followed by Advanced Highers in 2011 where I specialised in mathematics and physical sciences.

I attended the University of Glasgow where I attained a Masters in Physics in 2016. Throughout my degree, I worked in numerous Honours projects from biophysical temperature measurements, thermal modelling, absolute sensitivities of medical imaging detectors and numerical methods before joining Professor Stephen Barnett and the Quantum Theory group. For my honours thesis, I studied attack strategies on QKD protocols and quantum cryptography before joining Dr Chris White in the Particle Physics Theory group in my final year to study recent QFT advancements in scattering amplitudes derived from CHY equations. My main areas of interest are quantum communications and cryptography, optimal quantum measurements and general quantum field theory topics.


Higher/Advanced Highers, Knightswood Secondary School, 2010-2011 MSci in Physics, University of Glasgow, 2011-2016